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The biggest mistake people make in selling their home is not pricing it correctly. What is your motivation? Are you needing a quick sale or are you “testing” the market to see if you are able to get the price you want? If you are the latter, then you would not take the more aggressive pricing strategy we offer involving frequent and accordingly price reductions. Our consultants will determine your motivation and guide you on how to price your property properly.


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Is your home ready to sell? Homes that are staged well and priced right are the first to go! There are a lot of options home sellers can do with little or no money to present their home in the best possible manner. We are sure to give you our advice in staging and pricing to be competitive with today’s market.


The MLS is the MLS, there is only one in your area. Bottom line. You don’t have to list with a 6% Realtor to get the MLS or advice on Pricing or Staging. A good listing agent explains the two items above to their clients, understands contracts and negotiation and has experience in closing a lot of deals. If you can get the same exposure and service at a lower cost, you can reduce your price & sell faster.

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